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Quick Start Guide

These directions will be the minimum that you need to setup to get your event live.

New Installation

Following the steps below or in the Guides folder to get your Registrix instance up and running.

1.) Put the site into the Domain mode.

2.) Setup the Fonts and Icons you want to display.

3.) Configure the Attendee options.

4.) Create the different Templates including email.

5.) Set the Groups that will be assigned to the incoming participants.

6.) Build the Authorize Domains that will allow for participant logins.

7.) Complete the Templates for Login and the Templates for Watch.

8.) Start Managing Events.


The only general maintenance that would need to be performed while in Domain mode is changing of the Authorize Domains if you are changing up to different companies or different audiences.

Most other maintenance is performed in the Managing Events.

The other area of maintenance is Managing Participants. This is where you can create/edit/disable information about the participants.